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Message from the Durban Film Office


Welcome to our beautiful city. Durban is a modern, cosmopolitan ethnic city with diverse cultures, architecture, terrain and a remarkable energy that can be felt from the bustling city streets to the manicured boardrooms in the steel & glass skyscrapers. 

Since the establishment of the Durban Film Office in 2003, our dedicated team has facilitated and proudly supported, over 300 feature film and commercial productions in the region and you will discover that the Durban Film Office team is eager to provide your next project with all the necessary support to ensure a seamless production process. 

Over the years, our office has developed excellent resources for all your production related enquiries and we provide a number of services, including an online digital image database, that effectively enables you to scout locations at your leisure from anywhere in the world. Our team is always ready to assist with any queries you may have about filming in the region. 

Durban has a proud history of a city that welcomes any opportunity to capacitate local industry, secure partnerships and create opportunities for our people. We pride ourselves in our charismatic people, our passion for living and our warm hospitality and invite you to take advantage of our beautiful locations, diverse talent, excellent support services and value for money. 

We look forward to your arrival on our golden shores.


Toni Monty

Durban Film Office