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Message from the Mayor


eThekwini Municipality and the city of Durban fully recognizes that the film industry is an important sector with the capacity to generate significant economic and social benefits for the city and its citizens. The Film Industry as part of the communications sector, plays an important role in deepening our democracy, promoting a culture of human rights and has the potential to act as a key pillar in the transformation of our country. 

The city of Durban holds a special place in South Africa’s cinematic history as the first city to erect a permanent building for screening motion pictures in South Africa - the Electric Theatre in 1909. Our support for the industry stems from our deep understanding of the importance of culture that is underpinned by its history in the city, our alignment with a national ideology as enshrined in our bill of rights and film’s potential for impacting the future. 

The Film Industry is a powerful tool in the battle of ideas, information and ideology. It has an ability to create common or popular culture and value systems by distributing news and entertainment that allow people to view the world with one lens. We are excited by the work that has been performed by Durban Film Office which is mandated to position Durban as a world-class film production destination and facilitate the development of the local film industry. 

Durban is where you will experience the vibrancy of our people and enjoy the vast arena of filming landscapes we have to offer. 

Yours sincerely 

Cllr James Nxumalo