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Oliver Machin

Email Address oliver@devilstonefilms.com
Website www.devilstonefilms.com
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Description About Location Sound for Documentaries, Commercials, Corporates & Features CV http://db.tt/sKhM7PHH Description I am a freelance Location Sound Recordist and have relocated with my family to South Africa from the UK. I am based in KwaZulu-Natal but work all over Southern Africa and the rest of the world. I have experience in everything from feature documentaries to daytime tv, kids tv, current affairs, entertainment, press junkets, corporates and commercials. I am also now extending my experience into feature films and drama having mixed a local movie called 31 Million Reasons for Roguestar Films / BLM Productions (the Spud producers), which screened in cinemas across South Africa. I also spent 6months working in Namibia working on the new Mad Max movie where I recorded the vehicle FX sounds of the various V8, V16 and twin V8 engines of the specially designed and built action vehicles. I started my career at the age of 17 (1995) in the UK when I moved from a farm in Devon to London and started my first job making the tea and dubbing tapes in a post house. Then I moved into production but still with a techy slant until my old boss Ian Cross at Pilot Productions agreed to let me go to the Amazon rain forest ("Treks In A Wild World") to carry the bags and then travel the world ("Globe Trekker & Planet Food") and record sound... although I never did quite agree with his idea that I should have been paying him! I have worked on Documentaries with Oscar winning directors (Davis Geggenheim "It Might Get Loud"), travelled to the ends of the earth, eaten the finest foods and enjoyed it all... well nearly all of it! "I would hire Ollie in any town on any project. He is a consummate professional, a stickler for details, and goes out of his way to help things run smoothly. I wish there were more Ollies!!" Lesley Chilcott. Owner, Electric Kinney Films Producer of "Waiting for Superman", "It Might Get Loud" and "An Inconvenient Truth". "Thank you so much for all the hard work in getting these recordings. They sound fantastic, wonderfully covered and so well documented. You're efforts have gotten us a long way down the road. Well done, it would be great to meet you if you're ever traveling this way. Cheers, Wayne" Wayne Pashley Supervising Sound Editor/Designer (Mad Max: Fury Road) Big Bang Sound Design P/L General information Various people have asked "Why devil sTONE films?". Well the village I come from in England has a large piece of granite called the Devil's Stone. http://tiny.cc/7s9tq mobile +27 766 988 385 | sa +27 31 813 5993 | uk +44 20 8144 6992 | usa +1 646 808 3006 | skype oliver_machin