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Similo Gobingca

Agency Name Burbibf Coast Films
Address 69 Plumsetad Crescent
Resevoir Hills
Postal Code 4001
Mobile Number +27 78 8397066
Email Address similogobingca76@gmail.com
Website http://vimeo.com/burningcoastfilms
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Description Similo Gobingca is a driven and ambitious filmmaker, who is highly concerned with the condition of the Black youth in the Post-Apartheid urban Sphere. Film-making is his chosen platform, influenced by his lifelong passion for story telling using moving images. Similo was educated at Cambridge Junior and High School, in East London. His primary education began in Morrison Primary School in Idutywa. He has been living in Durban for the past eleven years, where he enrolled at the Durban University of Technology for a Journalism (Broadcast) degree. He still lives in Durban where he has been making films and participating in film activity since 2005.