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Agency Name Lucid Media
Email Address yash@lucidmedia.co.za
Website www.lucidmedia.co.za
Profile Image
Description I'm a filmmaker and entrepreneur, known for running Lucid Media, a video production company which collaborates with some of the most creative minds in Durban. Having been in the industry for over 5 years, I've developed skills as an animator, editor, and colourist, and progressed to DP and now Director. I earned my BA Degree Creative Brand Communications from Vega, and am completely self taught in film. I live in Durban and enjoy listening to music, good coffee, & travelling when not working. My music videos and TV Commercials are continually broadcast on SABC & DSTV. My latest work can be seen online at www.lucidmedia.co.za Specialties: Directing, Editing, Colour grading & Motion Graphics