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Emily Cross

Agency Name Tomfoolery TV
Address Westville
Mobile Number 0611589461
Email Address emililybow@gmail.com
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Description Producer Tomfoolery TV 2018 Productions Game: Pearl Thusi -January Game: Valentines Day Serenade - January Game: Valentines Day Stop Animation - January Game: Baby Campaign - February Game: Easter Holiday Campaign - March Game: Discount On Us - March FMI: Back The Brave - April Game: Onetime - May Game: OMGame - May OMO - Fathers Day - June ISCA Taps - Trend Campaign - July Hardy Boys - Varsity College - August FMI - Challenge Change Campaign - August SA Homeloans - 100% for you - October Unilever - Uniquely Unilever - November The Whole Child - Directed and Produced - December Producer 48 Hour Film Project 2018 Conceptualized, Shot and Edited a short film in 48 Hours for the Durban 48 Hour Film Project 2018. Won best film, Audiance Award, Social Media Award, Best Directing, Best Writing as well as Best Cinematography.
Crew Categories Producer
Production Accountant
Production Assistant
Production Coordinator