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Emily Cross

Agency Name Wisdom and Youth
Email Address partofthepackdoccie@gmail.com
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Description Game: Pearl Thusi Game: Valentines Day Serenad Game: Valentines Day Stop Animation Game: Baby Campaign Game: Easter Holiday Campaign Game: Discount On Us FMI: Back The Brave Game: Onetime Game: OMGame OMO - Fathers Day ISCA Taps - Trend Campaign Hardy Boys - Varsity College FMI - Challenge Change Campaign SA Homeloans - 100% for you Unilever - Uniquely Unilever The Whole Child - Directed and Produced Producer 48 Hour Film Project 2018 - Joyride Won best film, Audiance Award, Social Media Award, Best Directing, Best Writing as well as Best Cinematography. Producer 2019 48 Hour Durban Film Project - The Greenhouse Effect - Top 3 Mr Price Winter TVC - 2019 Grundig Recipe Shoot - 2019 Defy Lifestyle Shoot - 2019 Defy Recipe Shoot - 2019 Soda Bloc - Multiple Shoots 2019 Award-winning short documentary - Part Of The Pack 2019