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07 Jun 2016  |   Wavescape Film Festival at the Durban International Film Festival


Wavescape has announced a new venue, as well as the lineup of 21 films set for the 11th Wavescape Film Festival at the Durban International Film Festival, which takes place from 16 to 26 June this year.

The Wavecsape Film Festival, which features films about surfing, the ocean and associated adventure sports, opens with the much celebrated Bay of Plenty outdoor screening on Sunday 19 June at 7pm, with indoor screenings taking place Monday to Friday 20 to 24 June at the Rivertown Beerhall (www.facebook.com/rivertownbeerhall).

Wavescape’s Steve Pike, director of the Wavescape Film Festival, said: “we're very excited to have the Beerhall - an awesome creative entertainment space at 102 Prince Alfred Street (Florence Nzama) - for the indoor screenings. These take place as before, with two screenings a night, at 6pm and 8pm.”

“To celebrate the change of venue, we have also teamed up with Poison City Brewing (www.poison.city), who will be selling craft beer at the Beerhall.”

Spike said that they were very happy with the quality and variety of their curated selection this year, which numbers 21 films from every “corner of the planet, and featuring every conceivable cinematic and surfing technique”.

The outdoor screening at the Bay of Plenty on Sunday 19 June includes Searching Sirocco (beautiful skateboard short featuring star Kilian Martin), The Wild (short film shot on 4k Red cameras), Skeleton Bay (short movie shot by Chris Rogers), The Man and the Sea (a Derek Hynd short, going finless at JBay), and the main feature, the John John Florence smash hit View from a Blue Moon.

‘The daily indoor screenings also include a selection of excellent documentaries and short films,” says Pike. “You will see red hot surfing and graceful soul surfing, set to amazing music. You will hear fascinating stories from countries as far afield as Norway, the West Indies, Polynesia, Tahiti, Iceland, Madagascar, Indonesia, Portugal, Ireland and Namibia, and cover every terrain, from frozen wildernesses to desert landscapes to lush tropical seas. “

The beachfront screening is free. Screenings at Rivertown cost R30.


Bjørnøya (Bear Island) (82 min), Psychic Migrations (60 min), The Wave I Ride (60 min), View From A Blue Moon (60 min), Devocean (45 min), Deeper (35 min), The Fisherman’s Son (29 min), The More Things Change (27 min), Exploring Madagascar (25 min), No Country For Cold Men (23 min), No Regrets (20 min)


The Sound Of Silence (11 min), Deep Islands (8 min), Lunar (8 min), Searching Sirocco (7 min), The Wild (7 min), Denali (7 min), The Man And The Sea (5 min), Skeleton Bay (5 min), Into The Sunrise (5 min), A Day In The Life Of Slade Prestwich (4 min), Ocean Gravity s(4 min)

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