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Axel C Kalonji


Company Name MUANETU media
Address 108 Smith street
Postal Code 4001
Mobile Number 0761418556
Email admin@muanetu.com
Website www.muanetu.com
Description MUANETU : (n) 1. a Luba word for my relative, my homeboy/ home girl. 2. A fast growing digital studio, here to entertain and inform the people about all the trends. A voice for those whom wanna be heard, a magnify glass for the little shining stars. With more than 3 years of experience and passionate staff, we are the solution to your audio visuals needs. We are a media company established in Durban and was founded by Axel C Kalonji in 2010. We have released worldwide the short film "MANUEL" for our debut and,which shortfilm was received positively by the crowd. We also released couple of other shortfilms and worked on Music videos with International Artists; Sr Chantal Matondo(Belgium), Koji Love(Zimbabwe) and more. Recently, we have introduced a package for SME. The package contains two new services; Branding and advertising